Kita Kaze "Budo Blender"

All members welcome!

Kids, adults and beginners, kendoka, naginataka and iaidoka come out and join us on Sunday morning January 22 for a Budo BlenderTM - Erin Munro.

It will be a fun-filled adventure where everyone we will get to spend an hour learning each martial art. All the naginataka that show up will assist in teaching kendoka and iaidoka their basics for an hour, after which all iaidoka will spend an hour showing the naginataka and kendoka how not to accidently slice our limbs off.

The more that show up the better, please make sure to bring any spare naginata, shinai, and bokken so that everybody can get the most out of the hour of teaching.

Also please keep in mind that just because you might be learning a different marital art that there is nothing you might gain from it to apply to your primary art. Things such as body awareness, posture and philosophies can be gained from a practice like this!

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Date:January 22, 2017
Time:9:00am - 12:00pm
Location:UNF Hall, Main floor
Kita Kaze "Budo Blender"
Tags: kendo iaido naginata