June 2017 Club Tournament

This is an in club tournament meant to prepare and teach all our members the rules and etiquette they should expect to see if they ever intend to travel outside the club and compete. Divisions will be decided based on who signs up; if enough beginners (i.e. non-bogu members) sign up, we will create a beginners division (same applies for kids and iaido).

Please arrive ready and on time so that we can get the tournament running as soon as possible and make sure everyone gets their chance to compete. If you are feeling particularly keen, feel free to arrive early and help set up.

Please sign up by emailing the association your name, rank, and which arts you intend to participate in. The deadline for registrations is June 7.

If you are not signed up, you are not participating. Simply telling your senpai that you are participating is not enough; please send an email to the association!

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Date:June 11, 2017
Time:8:30am to 2pm
Location:UNF Hall
June 2017 Club Tournament
Tags: tournament kendo nagainata iaido