2019 Alberta Kendo Tournament

The second annual Alberta Kendo Tournament will be held in October at the University of Calgary. This is an excellent opportunity for kendo practitioners of all ages and ranks to test themselves and compete against other clubs in Alberta. Please show your support for Alberta Kendo by registering and fighting hard at the tournament!

Registration Deadline

Please contact Steve-senpai (vicepresident@kitakazebudo.org) on or before September 20 and provide the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Age
  • Rank
  • Divisions to compete in
  • Number of bento to order and type:
    • B = Beef
    • V = Vegetarian
    • G = Gluten Free


Tournament Divisions

  • Novice (Junior Non-bogu)
  • Novice (Adult Non-bogu)
  • Juniors (14 years and under)
  • Juniors (15-17 years)
  • Women
  • Kyu and 1Dan
  • 2Dan and above
  • Team

Junior and Women are allowed to compete in their respective divisions as well as their rank divisions. All divisions subject to change with final registration of participants.


Bento (rice bowl) and water bottle will be available for $10 each. Please make sure you order as many as you need when you register (consider friends/family with you). There will not be any extras available on the day of the tournament.


Shiono-sensei will oversee whole tournament as Head Referee.

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Date:October 5, 2019
Time:9am to 5pm
Location:Auxiliary Gym (Room KNA117), Kinesiology Building Block A, University of Calgary
2019 Alberta Kendo Tournament