2020 Saskatoon Kendo Seminar

Every year the Saskatoon Kendo Club hosts a full weekend of kendo activities. From a welcoming practice on Friday night to an official Canadian Kendo Federation grading on Sunday morning, the event is an excellent opportunity to experience kendo at a national level without needing to travel too far. If you only plan to attend one event outside of Edmonton this year for kendo, please make it this one!

Guest Instructors

Shigemitsu Kamata-sensei, 7 Dan, Etobicoke Olympium Kendo / Iaido Club
Koichi Miyamoto, 6 Dan, Toronto Kendo Club
Yuko Miyamoto, 5 Dan, Toronto Kendo Club


YMCA, 25 22nd Street East
7pm-9:30pm: Seminar and Godokeiko
10pm: Drinks (tentatively Winston's Pub in downtown Saskatoon)

Marion Graham Collegiate, 602 Lenore Drive
9am-12pm: Seminar
12pm-1pm: Lunch (included in seminar fees)
1pm-6pm: Tournament

7:30pm: Dinner and Party (tentatively Mandarin Restaurant)

YMCA, 25 22nd Street East
9am-10am: Registration and Kata practice
10am-1pm: Grading


  • $80 for ages 16+ in bogu
  • $40 for 15 and under or non-bogu

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Date:May 1-3, 2020
Time:See details.
Location:See details.
2020 Saskatoon Kendo Seminar