Martial Arts

The Kita Kaze Budo Association supports three martial arts clubs:

  • Kendo: Meaning "way of the sword" in Japanese, Kendo is a full-contact sport where practitioners put on armour and strike each other with bamboo swords.

  • Naginata: The Naginata is the Japanese polearm, a weapon originally used to defend villages from samurai on horseback.
  • Iaido: The art of drawing and sheathing the katana; Iaido utilizes a dull blade while performing special choreographed seqeuences called kata.

Open House

Come and try Kendo, Naginata, or Iaido during one 90 minute session free of charge! Just bring some gym clothes with you and a willingness to learn.

Monday, May 6th
UNF Hall
10629 98 Street NW
7pm to 8:30pm


How To Join

During the month of May, new students are allowed to join the clubs. Practices during this time are free of charge and you are welcome try different arts. Please see the individual club websites for beginner class dates and times:

Kendo   |   Naginata   |   Iaido

You can pick up waiver and registration forms at the open house or any class listed on our website calendar. A one-time $75 registration fee will get you an account on our association website and instructional fees are paid online in 4-month instalments.


About Us

Who We Are

The Kita Kaze Budo Association (pronounced "kee-ta kah-zeh boo-doh" and means "North Wind Martial Arts" in Japanese) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting Japanese weapon arts in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.


Our clubs are affiliated with the Canadian Kendo Federation and the Canadian Naginata Federation, the only official governing bodies in Canada for these martial arts.


Our clubs have been operating in Edmonton since 2001 and we participate in local events such as Animethon and the Edmonton Expo.